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OLTRA BALM is a new age chemical free natural relieving body salve, for anyone who wants an active lifestyle and live life with an unstoppable spirit.

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Natural Body Salve

Oltra balm offer a promising natural approach to ache relief, It contains more than 10 handpicked natural ingredients. It does not mask pain with a heating or cooling effect which are in essence, a placebo. Rather Oltra’s natural ingredients target the source of the ache with its scientifically proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil-based nature of the balm makes it for easier absorption and accelerate the healing process!
Unlike other balms with pungent smells, Oltra balm is a pleasant, fragrant balm which removes the worry of having a strong, displeasing smell lingering around you whilst you go about your day. Whether you are pushing yourself to the limit at the gym, or if you are working hard in physically and mentally strenuous jobs in industries such as construction, healthcare to name a few, then the Oltra balm is here to help you be the best version of yourself.

Product Features

Fast acting relief

Fast Acting Relief

Get rapid comfort and relief by applying this natural body salve product to muscle soreness and muscular pain.

Made in the UK - New

Made in the UK

Oltra Balm is delighted to be Made in London and ingredients sourced from local businesses in the UK.

best-Performance - New

Best Performance

Whatever the circumstances, physically active people can rely on body salve balm for effective muscle body salve.


Certified by the Vegan Society

The body salve balm ingredients are natural, cruelty-free, and vegan, making it perfect for physically active people of all levels.



The natural ingredients of the Oltra balm have thoughtfully been chosen for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Great for reducing pain whether they are chronic or after intense activity.

No Burning

No Burning

Oltra Balm does not mask the pain with heating or cooling effect which are in essence, a placebo. And there is no worrying about excessive use that result in burning sensation to the skin.

Easy Application

Easy Application

Carefully curated oils that penetrates deep into the skin and absorbs quickly giving an enhanced effect.


Quickly Absorbable

Treatment for physically active people is made easy with Oltra balm’s oil-based nature and rapid absorption into the skin.



The pleasant fragrance of Oltra balm increases the functionality of it. This can be applied in busy environments without alerting others from an obnoxious smell.


Nature's Answer to Pain

Be Unstoppable with our rejuvenating pain balm, offering relief from:


Our Blogs



Kris Kiss

For all my football and running muscle injuries Oltrabalm has been brilliant at relieving pain when even paracetamol had been struggling to help. Gave some to one of my team mates who had pain in his knee and worked well for him also. He has since bought his own supply 🙌


Ash Chikhlia


DJ Legacy

What can I say but wow. The guys at Oltra balm were informative and helped reassure me that this would help with my knee pain in the colder months. So far so good and my partner doesn’t think I stink (big bonus!) . I’ll post another review in a few months to give more feedback


I have a chronic issue with back spasms. Whilst other products have been useful to some extent, I have to say that I’m even more impressed by Oltra when I was sceptical about it beforehand. If you have back spasms like me, I definitely recommend this.



Sagar Vyas


I bought this for my husband as he had a foot crush injury years ago and this is helping with his pain management.Also I use it myself as I have osteoarthritis in my knee I am finding it really helpful.

Trudy Green

This has been uber helpful as part of my recovery regiment post-gym. Using this on the muscle groups after I’ve worked out, this has really helped with the cramps I deal with, especially on my shoulders where I find it most effective.



I purchased a couple of tubs of this balm a few weeks ago. I started using it after a few days and loved the feel of it on my fingers and how it smoothly just went on to my skin. It smells amazing and in fact the subtle smell lingers most of the day like a dose of stress buster. I started using a dash of it on my temples before bedtime and it really helped me to relax and doze off. I’ve used it on my feet, hand, head and on my back. Its helped sooth away the dull ache after going to the gym. Definitely worth buying this balm. I love it specially as it’s vegan too 🙏

Vee Bharkhada

Yvonne Heiden


Anjali Jadav

I ordered à bulk batch of Oltra Balm to morocco after trying there sample. Smells gréât and amazing for pain relief.


I used the Oltra balm on my feet just before going to bed after a whole day of standing up and the relief of any pain was incredible. I work up the next morning with no pain and was able to stand all day once again on my feet. I would highly recommend this product to all.

Rahul Malde

It’s very good, had fall on holiday and jerked my shoulder ,I put some on my shoulder and it’s really helped just glad I ordered before holiday as it was there in post as we got home.

Brian Clare

This balm is really good and works. I have been using it regularly on my shoulder and can feel the difference. Would definitely recommend it. Family members have also purchased the balm and noticed a difference.


This balm is really good and works. I have been using it regularly on my shoulder and can feel the difference. Would definitely recommend it. Family members have also purchased the balm and noticed a difference.

Priscilla Pollara

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